Our mission is to create healthy, engaging, and comfortable daylit spaces.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to broaden the interpretation of sustainability in buildings beyond traditional energy-efficiency aspects, which have become dominant in the last few decades. Of its three pillars - namely social, environmental and economic -, our approach focuses first and foremost on humans, their well-being and their experience in buildings, which is ultimately the basis of everything: it is for their comfort and function that we use material and energy resources in buildings. Through an improved experience of its occupants - in terms of alertness, satisfaction, and cognitive performance - there is a high potential for large economic impacts from public health and productivity, while relying mostly on natural resources - the sun and the sky – with which we evolved.


In other words, we want to get back to the reason we build buildings in the first place: to serve human occupants.


We work across all stages in the innovation process, from research to informed decision making.

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Our Funding

Funding for our research and development has been provided in part by the EPFL, the Velux Stiftung Foundation (Grant #936), and the Swiss National Science Foundation (Grant #153018).


The initial development of OCUVIS was funded by InnoSeed ENAC (Explorer and Venture Grants).

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