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A new dimension to daylight analysis, centered on occupant well-being.

Our Services


OCULIGHT offers a new dimension to the analysis of daylight, which highlights the well-being of the occupants through specialized consulting services.


We work with clients in the building sector to understand the unique opportunities and challenges present in each project and provide support for decision making.


Our services include design and analytical support, with the unique capability to model and visualize light throughout space, over time, and under changing sky conditions using a novel approach that pertains to the psycho-physiological effects of light on human occupants. The ability to compare the performance of various human responses over time allows for a more comprehensive understanding of how those responses relate or conflict and how a designer may begin to design for them.


Our daylight consulting services identify and integrate design strategies into projects to promote the well-being of occupants. We offer in-depth expertise and broad experience, the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, and novel daylight analysis capabilities.


Using a suite of software tools developed to conduct full-scale building simulations, the OCULIGHT team evaluates different design variants and suggests solutions to create healthy, engaging, and comfortable indoor environments.

To help you to make informed decisions, we focus on:

Scope of Services

We provide a wide range of services, from schematic design support and building analysis to light exposure monitoring and workplace interventions.


Please contact us and we find solutions that fit your demands.

The OCULIGHT team provides services including:

Schematic design support

  • Daylight strategy through schematic/concept design


Best for early-phase design.

Workplace interventions

  • Light exposure monitoring via sensors

  • Human-centric analysis of daylight performance

  • Data reporting and visualization

  • Face-to-face presentations and reports


Best for post-occupancy evaluation.

Novel daylight analysis

  • Human-centric analysis

  • Interactive visualisation of results (OCUVIS)

  • Data interpretation and reporting

  • Face-to-face presentations


For any phase of the design, construction, and/or redesign process.

Additional simulations and analytics

  • Standard daylight metrics

  • Custom simulations

  • Custom analytics and visualisation

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