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We develop specialized software solutions.

In-house Development


Our software solutions are integrated into our services as “on-demand software” or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


OCULIGHT develops in-house software solutions for daylight simulations, daylight performance analysis, and results visualizations; initially developed through the course of Doctoral Research at the EPFL. Using RADIANCE as a rendering engine, our simulation platform OCUSKY manages the simulation of ocular daylight exposure across an array of interior view positions and view directions. By simulating a range of sky conditions across the year, we can offers a holistic assessment of daylight using models that predict vitality, emotion, and comfort. The simulation results can be explored using our visualization tool OCUVIS.

Visualization Tool

For a holistic understanding of daylight performance from an occupant perspective, OCUVIS allows you to explore temporal and spatial dimensions between different performance metrics under different sky conditions. The interactive capability of this tool provides a powerful way to explore, understand, and improve conditions that impact the occupant throughout the built environment


With every project, we provide a link to our visualization tool for our clients to explore and understand daylight performance in their projects. The results are accessible via web using a given login credentials on whichever device you prefer as far as it has internet connection and supporting browser.

We did not consult on these projects and take no responsibility for their daylight performance or the accuracy of their modelling as the analysis was done post-design.

Cloud Platform

The cloud platform, OCUSKY, runs and manages our simulations and analysis in the cloud. This service is at the moment exclusively offered as a consulting service.


To learn more about our workflow, please reference our 'Publications' page.

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