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OCULIGHT dynamics

We specialize in daylight integration for occupant well-being.

Why Daylight?

To us, daylight is more than a means to offset artificial lighting and achieve a certification or rating.


Daylight is a fundamental element in the healthy occupation of buildings, driving the biological, psychological, and aesthetic experience of an indoor environment.

Our Services

Our services include simulation and design support, with the unique capability to model and visualize light throughout space, over time, and under changing sky conditions using novel metrics that pertain to the psycho-physiological effects of light on human occupants.

Our Team

OCULIGHT was founded by an interdisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and designers.


Our shared passion for healthy buildings is complemented by our diverse competencies, ranging from building physics to data science and architectural design.

What Clients Say

"Thank you for the work from all of you. Super exciting to see the outcome. Looking forward to see how this can inform the design."

K.G. Jensen

Senior Partner 3XN and Director GXN

On the Media

Interview with Marilyne Andersen

- Habitat Intelligent

«Si on pense que la technologie optimise l’architecture, on se trompe»

- Le Temps

« Nous tirons parti de la lumière pour améliorer le bien-être des gens»

- Le Prix Start-Up Durable

New software can model natural light from the occupants' perspective

- EPFL News


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